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About us

An overview of the institution, its holdings and the search options is available on the Thomas Mann Archives website.

The Thomas Mann Archives’ photograph holdings contain around 6,000 images documenting the life, work and legacy of Thomas Mann.
Photographs that are in the public domain or to which ETH Library owns the rights are presented online and can be downloaded for free. In cases where ETH Library does not own usage rights, the Thomas Mann Archives will convey the contact details of the rights holder to you upon request so that you can contact them with your usage request.
Images where the rights situation is yet to be resolved can be viewed in the Thomas Mann Archives reading room. Please contact us if you wish to do so.

Do you know more about an image? Then drop us a line!
The holdings contain images where not everyone depicted could be identified or the photographer is unknown. The image information includes a feedback function, which you can use to convey specific information on the individual images to us.

Support on using the database is provided under Help.


Terms of Use

The Thomas Mann Archives provide their digitised images –  the legal conditions permitting – for free download in web resolution (1024×768) and as high-resolution JPGs and TIFFs. The copyright, information on the image rights and the terms of use are indicated for every picture.

The images are divided into three different types:

  • The copyright has expired: the images are in the public domain and can be used without restriction. The images bear the public domain mark and can be used freely for academic, private, non-commercial and commercial purposes.
  • ETH Library holds the usage rights: the images can be used freely for academic, private, non-commercial and commercial purposes, provided the correct photo credits are indicated, and shared under the same conditions in the event of changes. The photo credits are located in the image information. The images are licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.
  • ETH Library does not hold the usage rights: these images cannot be downloaded and any usage requires the written consent of the rights holders. Contact information for usage requests is provided in the “Request use” field.
    ETH Library does not accept any liability for copyright infringements.

For publication, the correct photo credits must be indicated for every image document. The photo credits are located in the image information. For the publication of image documents from the Thomas Mann Archives, we kindly ask for a free specimen copy to be supplied to the archives.

If an image is mistakenly presented on the database without the consent of the rights holder, the Thomas Mann Archives ask you to get in touch.



Responsibility for compliance with the copyright provisions in the event of re-use lies with the users. ETH Library does not accept any liability for the misuse of digital documents or damages caused through the use or absence of information from this service. The users exempt ETH Library as the operator of the Thomas-Mann-Archiv Online image catalogue on the platform ETH E-Pics from any claims resulting from the violation of copyrights or other intellectual property rights.
For images of people, the users must obtain permission from the living people depicted prior to use. ETH Library accepts no liability whatsoever for the violation of personality rights of any people depicted.