Searching, viewing and downloading images

You can access various image catalogues on the platform E-Pics. They contain heterogeneous image material and are therefore structured individually. As the image rights also differ, the catalogue owner must be contacted in any event of reusing images – unless the licensing type is mentioned expressly in the image information. Further information is available in the corresponding catalogues under the “About us” menu.

Searching and Finding

Images and image groups can be located via categories and searches. Filters enable you to narrow down the search results. For a phrase search, please place the search terms in inverted commas.

Zoom and 3D view

E-Pics contains a zoom and 3D viewer that enables the images to be viewed in detail (e.g. Bildarchiv Online) and objects to be displayed in rotation (e.g. Earth Science Collections).

Downloading and ordering images

Depending on the catalogue, images can be downloaded directly in various resolutions or ordered from the responsible office via an order form or e-mail. Detailed information is available in the “About us” menu in the corresponding catalogues.

Managing and presenting images

E-Pics is available free of charge to ETH Zurich’s units to manage their image data. As an E-Pics customer, you can make your images available to the public or ETH Zurich internally on Moreover, it is possible to manage the images in a non-public catalogue.

Managing and presenting

E-Pics enables you to manage large quantities of images and optionally present them on the web at Here, approval for the web is possible at the level of individual images. The file format and image size are irrelevant. The image information entered can be tailored individually for each catalogue.


E-Pics has a REST/SOAP interface. Images can be integrated directly in ETH Zurich’s web editing system CQ5/AEM as galleries and slideshows.


Guidance and courses

We would be glad to advise you on how your catalogue can be structured according to your needs in E-Pics. Moreover, we offer tailored courses for you as a catalogue owner. We support you anytime in managing your images both in the initial phase and later on.


All images in E-Pics can be managed via a direct link. For a clear, long-term citation, the images can be allocated a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) – provided that the corresponding metadata is available and the images are not removed from E-Pics again.


Cumulus, the software E-Pics is based on, is extremely flexible due to its non-hierarchical structure. Metadata fields can be adjusted smoothly to the content of the catalogue and links between images displayed easily. Thanks to the WebClient, the images can be managed anywhere, anytime.


The data in E-Pics is backed up twice a day. Privileges to manage the images and their image information are established according to the catalogue owner’s specifications, i.e. roles and rights can be allocated in a highly differentiated way.

We would be happy to advise you.