ETH Zürich E-Pics

Terms of use

Whenever possible, the digital images of the ETH-Bibliothek’s Graphische Sammlung can be downloaded for free as high-resolution JPGs and TIFFs.

The licensing type and the terms of use are indicated individually for every image. The images are divided into three types:

  • Copyrights to a work have expired: The images are in the public domain and can be used without limitation. The images bear the Public Domain Mark. These images can be used freely for scientific, private, non-commercial and commercial purposes.
  • ETH-Bibliothek holds full usage rights: The images can be used freely for scientific, private, non-commercial and commercial purposes subject to the indication of the correct copyright notice and, in the event of any changes, transferred under the same conditions. The copyright notice is found in the image information. The images are licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.
  • Limited usage rights: While these images cannot be downloaded, it is possible to order them for free. Their usage is exclusively permitted for the purposes of legal personal use. Commercial forms of usage require written consent from the copyright holder. This consent is to be submitted to ETH-Bibliothek upon request. It is the responsibility of the users to clarify the copyright situation. In the event of any copyright infringements, ETH-Bibliothek shall accept no liability.

The inclusion of the persistent link DOI from the Graphische Sammlung Online service, e.g., is desirable.


For publications, the correct copyright notice is to be indicated for each image. The copyright notice is found in the image information. In case of publication a free sample copy is requested.

ETH-Bibliothek kindly requests that you contact them in the event of any material being presented erroneously online without the consent of the rights holder. It is possible to have a digitized work removed from the platform when the following information is provided:

  • Contact details of the rights holder
  • Proof of ownership of the rights
  • Exact URL (DOI) of the digitized work


Legal Disclaimer

Anyone making subsequent use of the material presented on the platform shall be personally and wholly responsible for compliance with the copyright regulations. ETH-Bibliothek shall not be liable in any way whatsoever in the event of the unlawful use of digital documents or for any damages arising from the use or lack of information available on the platform. Users absolve ETH-Bibliothek as the operator of the Collection Catalogue Online from any liability or legal claims arising from the violation of copyright law or other intellectual property rights.

For portraits of people, the customer is obligated to obtain the approval of the living person depicted in the image. ETH-Bibliothek shall not be liable for the infringement of the privacy rights of the individuals shown under any circumstances.