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Animals, plants and biotopes

Animals, plants and biotopes

The image catalogue Animals, Plants and Biotopes contains professional images by the well known nature photographers Albert Krebs from Winterthur and Hans R. Reinhard from Zurich. With an enormous amount of time, patience and perfectionism, Albert Krebs has been compiling a collection of plant, insect and habitat photographs since the 1960s that made him one of the top macro photographers in Central Europe.

Hans R. Reinhard has been documenting and researching European orchids since the 1960s.

The image catalogue also contains photographs by other photographers, such as Hans E. Hess, Hans Sigg, Andreas Müller and Matthias Baltisberger.

The images are available for free download in web resolution (1024×768) and as high-resolution JPGs and TIFFs. The licensing type and conditions of use are provided for each picture.