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Terms of Use


Baugeschichtliches Archiv provides digitised images for download free of charge whenever possible.

The type of licensing and terms of use are stated per individual image. Four broad types exist:

  • Copyright of a work has expired: such images are in the public domain and can be used without restriction. They carry a Public Domain Mark. These images can be freely used for scientific, private, non-commercial and commercial purposes.
  • Right of use belongs to Baugeschichtliches Archiv: the images can be freely used for scientific, private, non-commercial and commercial purposes; the same terms apply to propagated modifications of these images. The images are licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.
  • The images may be used for non-commercial purposes only: These images are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0
  • Restricted right of use: although these images are not freely available for download, they can be ordered. Written consent of the copyright holder is required for anyl forms of use, and must be presented to Baugeschichtliches Archiv. The user is responsible for clarification of the copyright situation. Baugeschichtliches Archiv will not assume any liability in cases of possible copyright infringement.

In the case of a publication, the photo credit must be given for each image. The photo credit cites Baugeschichtliches Archiv as the source as well as the name of the photographer, if known. The necessary information is displayed with the image, in the photo credit and photographer fields. In case of a publication we request a free specimen copy (postal address: see under Contact).

In the event that an image has accidentally been put online without the consent of the copyright holder, Baugeschichtliches Archiv asks that they get in contact.

Compliance with copyright regulations when using images is the responsibility of the user. Baugeschichtliches Archiv assumes no liability for unlawful use of digital documents or for damage caused by the use of or lack of information from this offering. The user releases Baugeschichtliches Archiv as operator of the image catalogue Baugeschichtliches Archiv hosted on the E-Pics platform from liability for any claims by third parties resulting from breach of copyright or of other intellectual property rights.
The user is obliged to obtain the consent of persons still living who appear in images of people. In no case shall Baugeschichtliches Archiv be held liable for breaches of the personal rights of persons so depicted.