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Terms of Use of the ETH Library Image Archive



Photographs, slides, negatives, digital images and all other forms of images regardless of the image carrier (e.g. electronic data carriers, etc.) are considered image material.


Whenever possible, the digitized images are made available for download free of charge and in various resolutions and file formats (JPG, TIFF, PPT, etc.).

Information on the license under which an image is made available and the type of use associated with it can be found in the image information in each case. A distinction is made between:

  • Copyright has expired: The images are in the public domain. The images are marked with the public domain mark. The images can be freely used for private, scientific, non-commercial and commercial purposes. All purposes of use (private, scientific, commercial, editorial and non-commercial) are expressly permitted. Users are asked to provide image credits.
  • Rights of use are held by the ETH Library: The images are licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0. The images can be freely used for private, scientific, non-commercial, and commercial purposes. All purposes of use (private, scientific, commercial, editorial, and non-commercial) are expressly permitted, provided that the image credits are given. If modified, may be redistributed under the same conditions (Share Alike, SA).
  • Restricted rights of use: These images cannot be freely downloaded but can be ordered free of charge. Permitted is the exclusive use within the legally permitted personal use. For commercial use, the written consent of the copyright holder is required. This consent must be submitted to the ETH Library upon request. The clarification of the copyright situation is the responsibility of the customer. In the event of any copyright infringements, ETH Library disclaims any liability.

Image credits

In the case of a publication of a licensed image, the correct credit must be given for each image document, at least ETH-Bibliothek Zurich, Image Archive. The image credits can be found in the image information.

If the image documents are published in print, it is desirable to send the ETH Library a specimen copy free of charge.

It is desirable to set the persistent DOI link, e.g.

Further services

Digitization of images at the request of the customer will be charged.

In exceptional cases, originals will be loaned. A loan contract must be signed.

Third party rights / liability

In the case of portraits of persons, the customer is obliged to obtain the consent of the persons depicted and to clarify any further copyrights before use. The ETH Library is not liable in any case for the violation of personal rights of depicted persons.

Compliance with copyright regulations in the event of further use is the responsibility of the customer. The ETH Library accepts no liability for the unlawful use of digital documents or for damage caused by the use or lack of information from this service. The customers indemnify the ETH Library as operator of the image catalog E-Pics Image Archive on the platform E-Pics from any claims resulting from infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights.

The distortive or discriminatory use of visual material is prohibited.

Should an image be released for download by mistake, without the consent of the rights holder, please contact us. A digital copy can be removed from the platform after receipt of the following information:

  • contact details of the rights holders
  • proof of ownership of the rights
  • DOI, under which the digital copy can be found

Place of jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction and performance is Zurich.

Even in the case of delivery abroad, Swiss law shall apply exclusively.