Canto Integration Platform


The "Canto Integration Platform" is a platform to integrate a DAM system like Cumulus into other software systems.
It consists of a web service server software and a client SDK.

Web Service Software

The server software is a web application called "CIP" that runs inside a Java-based application server.
It offers two web services: a RESTful service and a SOAP-based service.
We recommend staring with the RESTful web service as it offers more functionality and also has less performance overhead.
The server software can be installed as a standalone application that comes with an Apache Tomcat application server but it can also be deployed into an existing web application server.

Client SDK

The client SDK consists of a number of sample code projects for different client-side development environments:

Getting Started

The following are the steps need to getting started with the Canto Integration Platform:
  1. Install the server software either as a standalone web application or into an existing web application server that already includes web applications like "Web Client" or "Cumulus Sites."
    You can check whether the web service is running by using a web browser and open the following URL:

    This should open the web service documentation. If it does not you may need to manually start the web application server by executing the "startup" script in the "apache-tomcat-.../bin" folder.
  2. Activate a "Canto Integration Platform" serial number at the Cumulus server.
  3. Adjust the "CIP" web application's configuration file using a UTF-8 compatible text editor.
    You may want to modify the user name, password, and server address of the configured "sample" catalog to match information for your Cumulus server.
    Now you should be able to call a Cumulus operation by using a browser and opening the following URL:

    It should return a list of fields of the configured "sample" catalog.
    A good way of making the JSON result readable is to use Firefox and install the "JSONView" Add-On.
    If it does not you may need to wait for 60 seconds for the configuration change to take effect.
  4. Install the client SDK on a developer system of your choice.
  5. Open the client SDK folder for your development environment and take a look at the sample code you find there.
    You may import or open the sample project that is included with the SDK and run it as is.

Reference Documentation

  1. RESTful Web Services

  2. SOAP Web Services

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